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  • 2005The company was established in March 2005, and the smart card project was officially put into production in the same year.
  • 2008Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the company's self-developed ERP order management system was officially put into use, and the company's annual output of IC cards exceeded 10 million.
    The company has become a supplier of Alibaba in China and a certified enterprise of China Manufacturing Network.
  • 2011The factory was moved to a 5,000-square-meter dust-free workshop in Longhua District, and the production environment was improved in an all-round way and passed the SGS third-party on-site inspection; the company's RFID electronic label production line was officially put into operation.
  • 2012Obtained the national industrial product production license and the national integrated circuit IC card registration certificate.
    The company's R&D team has achieved great results and won 2 invention patents and 5 utility model patents.
  • 2014The company added HP digital printing presses and UV jet printing equipment, greatly improving the production capacity for personalized orders.
    The company has obtained Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification and national high-tech certification
  • 20152015: "RZX" RZX brand trademark was officially registered successfully.
    The company has carried out large-scale automatic and intelligent transformation of the production line, adding RFID high-speed packaging equipment, multi-layer composite equipment, automatic high-precision punching equipment, high-definition visual recognition appearance inspection equipment, etc., to realize intelligent production.
    Awarded the plaque of "B2B Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Base" by Alibaba. And once again passed the BV company's third-party on-site inspection.
  • 2016The company has introduced various international advanced testing equipment, established an electronic label laboratory, and independently developed products for special needs of the industry, such as washing fabric labels, flexible anti-metal labels, and PCB asset management labels, which have been widely recognized by the market.
  • 2017Successfully passed the re-examination of the National High-tech Enterprise, and was awarded the certificate of a national high-tech enterprise again;
    The production license passed the review, and the annual product shipment exceeded 300 million
  • 2018The Hubei production base with an investment of 120 million yuan was officially put into operation. And passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification and ISO14001: 2015 quality management system certification.
  • 2020Won 3 invention patents and 11 software copyrights including "RFID flexible label manufacturing method".
    The company put into production RFID paper ticket equipment and successfully entered the supply chain of the footwear and apparel retail industry;
    Through FSC production and sales chain of custody certification, the growth rate of foreign trade export orders has expanded, and it has been fully recognized by the international market;
    Hire a third-party organization to provide management guidance to the company, empower and train managers, and improve the company's overall governance level.
  • 2021The company acquired Zhenghua Intelligent, and established a new RFID R&D and manufacturing center in the Longhua District Semiconductor Industrial Zone.
    Combining RFID with sensors, R&D and mass production of a number of smart electronic tags with independent patents are highly sought after by the market.
    The company's RFID flashing light locating tag and RFID washing tag won the IoT Star Innovation Product Award.
  • 2022The company will improve the comprehensive application R&D platform of RFID tags from R&D, experimentation, testing to final automated mass production, focusing on product R&D design and production line customization, and become a professional manufacturer of IoT RFID tag solutions.