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RZX at the 22nd American RFID JOURNAL LIVE! The exhibition ended successfully!
Time:2024-04-12 14:35:08

RFID Journal Live! The exhibition is not only the most influential event in the global RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Internet of Things technology fields, but also a top platform to promote international RFID expert exchange and learning. On April 9th of this year, this grand event in Las Vegas, USA once again became a global focus, showcasing the latest achievements and innovative applications of RFID and IoT technology.


This exhibition brings together numerous industry elites, technology experts, suppliers, and end-users to explore the cutting-edge technology and market trends of RFID. Through diversified speeches, in-depth seminars, innovative displays, and online communication, participants gained a deep understanding of the latest trends, practical applications, and future development of RFID.

RZX Technology stands out among many participating companies with its 19 years of rich experience and profound technical accumulation in the field of RFID tags. The ultra-high frequency logistics card board labels and book archive labels exhibited have attracted much attention. However, what is remarkable is its new type of RFID environmentally friendly and fragile antenna labels, which have become a major highlight of the exhibition.

Against the backdrop of global advocacy for green and low-carbon, RZX Technology actively responds to the call for environmental protection. This RFID environmentally friendly and fragile antenna tag combines RFID efficient identification with eco-friendly material labeling, bringing new innovations to industries such as alcohol, luggage, and eco-friendly wooden pallets.


During the exhibition, RZX Technology had technical exchanges and business connections with numerous attendees, jointly exploring the widespread application and prospects of RFID in various industries.

To learn more about the RFID tags of RZX Technology, please pay attention to our official website, WeChat official account and other channels to have more in-depth technical exchanges and discussions with us.